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We are a social enterprise that carries out free nutrition and cooking workshops for children, financed by our catering service and "closed doors" restaurant. 100% of our proceeds go towards the longevity of the workshops.
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the workshops

We teach the value of a balanced diet through children’s cooking classes, which provide practical and fun learning with low-cost and easy recipes. 

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the restaurant

We serve unique vegetarian food in our historic house in San Telmo once a month, with nights of music and solidarity. 

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catering service

We offer breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks and dinners for businesses and individuals, to make your events more sustainable and healthy.

what do we do

Since 2015, we have been working to give children the opportunity to learn the value of a balanced diet, offering them free cooking and nutrition workshops in impoverished neighbourhoods. 


Our work is self-financed by the profits of our restaurant and catering service, which offers natural food with a sustainable service. 


100% of the profits of our service go towards the continuation of the workshops. 


children who have completed the course

neighbourhoods where we carry out the course

catering service


100% of the profits of our catering service go towards the longevity of the workshops.


The food is homemade and vegetarian, with organic, local and in season ingredients. 


We always use as little sugar, flour and salt as possible, and never super-processed food. 


We reinvest profits to provide education about nutrition to the children who need it most. 

Malnutrition, whether it be the result of care and excess, impacts massively on personal development, causes high levels of absenteeism in school, decreased intellectual performance and grave health consequences such as anaemia and untransmissible chronic illness. 

Approximately 150 children from impoverished neighbourhoods have have attended the cooking and nutrition workshops run by English chef Alicia Amende since they began in 2014. 

To celebrate a party, she bought fizzy drinks, biscuits and made fried cakes. It made me think I had to do something. During the next celebration, I brought fresh ingredients and began to prepare them with the children. 


the workshops

We host free cooking and nutrition workshops for children between 8 and 12. We run the workshops in kitchens and cultural centres, and up to today we have been able to reach 470 children in 12 different neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires and Gualeguay.

Our aim is to help children and communities make the best decision surrounding a balanced and healthy diet. The workshops are practical and with groups of up to 40 children, who complete a course of 6 classes that are each 2 hours long. We cook with easily accessible, in season and low-cost ingredients and make recipes that are well-known but in a healthier way. 

As well as cooking, the children complete a little “Delicias de Alicia” book, which gives them more technical information about nutrition; how to treat water and good hygiene practices in the kitchen.


the restaurant

We open our doors once a month for a night of unique vegetarian food, live music and all for the purpose of supporting our cause. The ticket includes a four-course dinner, all made  with organic and in season ingredients, sevred in our 19th century house. 

I love to learn about projects like Delicias de Alicia. They give free nutrition and cooking workshops to children in impoverished neighbourhoods. To finance these workshops, they prepare food in a grand house in San Telmo. It is truly like a movie set. Eating in a beautiful setting, with homemade and healthy food, sharing a beautiful moment with strangers and ON TOP OF THAT 100% of the earnings go towards this great cause. It’s unmissable. Standing applause and ovation!

Connie Isla, Vegan Activist and Singer

our team

We are a small and very dedicated team. We are deeply passionate about our mission of bringing an education about the value of good nutrition to everyone, and this inspires us to confront every obstacle with a smile and carry on. 

Alicia amende

Alicia amende


Originally from England, Alicia came to Argentina in 2014 keen to help others. Combining her degree in Business Administration and her passion for cooking, she founded Delicias de Alicia.

Lauris Osorio

Lauris Osorio

Chef and Workshop Teacher

Laura was born in Colombia and came to Argentina to follow her passion for cooking and to study to become a Chef. Since 2016, she has brought her expert hands to the kitchen and to the communities. 

Agustina (Rau) Cacerez

Agustina (Rau) Cacerez

Nutritionist and Baker

As well as bringing her expert theories to the development of the workshops and recipes, Agus is the magic behind our homemade breads in the restaurant and in our catering service. 

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